Friday, August 24, 2012


WhatsApp phones: Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android.
Program WhatsApp social outreach program and chat goes definition, economizes you in cost, and introduces you to the numbers in the list of your contacts in case they are using the same program, and through him will be able to send messages, photos and videos good value, cheaper than messages normal and others.

WhatsApp is a free program that you can work conversations and chat on smartphones, third generation mobile phones, it rounds BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia.

Not only chat, but you can program WhatsApp to send and receive files, images, and media on your phone.
As well as the advantages of WhatsApp program that you can use chat Allowaar does not support some segments of the mobile

Issued: 2.8.2

Choose from the list coming to load Alwats the father to suit your phone