Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tango program for iPhone

Tango program for the iPhone is a voice communication via mobile phone and a camera from any PC or mobile and work in this version your iPhone

Tango Tango program of the program the most famous in his field and a strong rival, who died on or service provided by FaceTime Apple has found a lot of differences on the property where the Tango program offers all the services Mogda says things were not expected to be used by day.
Program Tango gives you possibilities to choose between a voice call or video and also provides other possibilities such as that you can connect from the Wi-Fi or the 3G, 4G and also the possibilities of other lethal like to continue with the system, Android and iPhone rich GSM and you can switch between Cameras front or rear , all of this using the Tango to the iPhone

Size: 16.6 Mb
HomePage: TangoMe, Inc
License: freeware
Issued: 1.6.23546

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