Thursday, May 24, 2012

COMODO Mobile Security for Android 1.2.17845.3

COMODO Mobile Security for Android 1.2.17845.3
Protection Program Mobile Android
Android Mobile protection program and the risk of virus files and other applications and websites and protects the SIM card and others.
Program COMODO Mobile Security for Android for anyone looking for protection andsafety in mobiles Androadbashkl in here the application is easy and wonderful and is also useful but is very useful in this area as it allows you a lot of ways for prevention and protection from viruses, risks and contain engine search for fast and powerful and has amind theft, to prevent thieves from stealing your phone. will also filter calls, spam andunwanted in general through the formation and the creation of contact lists and white the other black good and the pressure also allows you to make calls private and send text messages and private communications, you can prevent sending certain words such as determining you words are encrypted and forbidden to write from your mobile and others.some features of the program COMODO Mobile Security for Android

Program COMODO Mobile Security for AndroidWill always find real protection against Alverossat notified and a search engine and it is strong and violent adds a lot of security for your device, and has a recognized validation that helps you quickly determine applications, viruses and unsafe settings may also involve risks.You can follow programs that work processes in your machine that is, they operate at the same moment and control that you can follow how many are running in your memory and you can shut down what you want them quickly as you can cancel or kill any application that you can have a reason to slow the phone or to raise the problem as well.Filter messages and block unwanted calls and messages as well, and the addition of black and white lists to identify people here and there easily and great freedom and you can prevent what you want of words to be sent, and others.You can now store the phone numbers and passwords, and special text messages, and you'll get complete privacy in pursuing these matters and also has a system lock protector of applications and any application program you want to lock it it will be very easy.Protection system for Asergh If lost or stolen phone from you, makes the sound system on mobile phones in the form of warning, and you can also lock the device to prevent mishandling or wipe out all of your confidential data, including numbers, letters remote, telecommunications and card the SIM on your computer even if the change the calling card and you can also wipe out everything you want, browser bookmarks, images, music or video and other files stored in the memory card, all of this and all following orders by sending a message as SMS messages that you send exactly..Updates in this releaseDetermine the location, the site sends a Google map of the phone to another phone.Sends a text message to a number of friends, if the replacement card and sends the message to alert only.To send the alert immediately, even if the device is in silent mode.The system will lock the device with a password that protects the main screen.Contains a system for erasing after erase all contacts, dates, and figures stored messages, photos, videos, music and any files on the card and a lotGet your copy now from the program COMODO Mobile Security for Android on the Free Software Download.Size: 1.52 MB
License: free
Issued: 1.2.17845.3
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